Wycieczka z Hurghady do Abu Dabbab

Trips to Aswan from Marsa Alam

Trips to Aswan from Marsa Alam  – Departure from Marsa Alam in the early hours (around 5:00 AM depending on hotel location – please check hotel location on map before purchasing this tour). Upon arrival in Aswan, lunch (drinks additionally payable).

We start the tour from the temple complex dedicated to the goddess Isis. It was originally located on the island of Fila, which was flooded during the construction of the Great Aswan Dam. In the 1960s, UNESCO carried out an action to save these monuments. The temples were completely dismantled and rebuilt to their original form on the nearby island of Agilika. We will also see the Unfinished Obelisk. In the evening, accommodation in a 3.5* or 4* hotel in Aswan, dinner there.

On the second day, we wake up early (breakfast in the form of a packed lunch is collected from the reception before departure), transfer in a convoy to Abu Simbel, where a breathtaking view of the Temple of Ramesses II and his wife Nefertari awaits. Lunch (drinks additionally payable). A short stop at the Great Aswan Dam – an opportunity to take great photos. The dam is huge: 3600m long, 980m wide at the base and 111m high. The water dams of Lake Nasser. It provides the necessary water for crops and is also the source of electricity for the whole of Egypt. Return to Marsa Alam in the late evening (around 10 PM).
Private tour – the price depends on the number of participants (minimum 2 people), the order of sightseeing may change. Interested persons please contact us.

Red Sea tours will provide you with beautiful memories. (Red Sea World Travel 😊)

More photos from Marsa Alam to Abu Simbel Aswan

wycieczka do Starego Kairu z Hurghady
wycieczka do Starego Kairu z Hurghady
Wycieczka z Hurghady do Abu Dabbab
Wycieczka z Hurghady do Abu Dabbab

Questions and Answers about Abu Simbel Aswan from Marsa Alam

How do I book a trip to Aswan from Marsa Alam?

To book a trip to Aswan please send To book a trip to Aswan please send To book a trip to Aswan please send 1. name of the hotel, 2. room number, 3. names of all participants, 4. date of arrival, 5. date of departure, 6. the name of the travel agency you came with, 7. photo of the front page of your passport, 8. photo of your visa.

When and to whom should we pay for the trip?

Payment is made during the tour, after boarding the bus. You pay the pilot who travels with you in the coach.

What is the price of a trip to Aswan for children?

Children up to 6 years old go on the trip for free. Children between 6 and 12 years old pay half price.

Trip to Aswan from Marsa Alam - is it worth it?

As with the journey from Marsa Alam to Aswan, this journey involves a bus journey of several hours. Therefore, before buying a trip to Aswan, tourists often ask if it is really worth it. However, usually they decide, they return exhausted, but incredibly happy. Most of them like Aswan much more than other places.

Can I pay for the trip with a different currency / card / bank transfer?

We accept payments in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Egyptian Pounds. We convert the tour price at the current exchange rate and round to the nearest Euro, British Pound or Five Egyptian Pounds. We do not accept card payments.

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