Things to do in Hurghada

Hurghada is a coastal city in Egypt, located on the eastern shore of the Red Sea. This beautiful city is a popular tourist destination and offers plenty of activities to please every visitor. Here are some Things to do in Hurghada.

Wycieczki z Hurghady
Wycieczki z Hurghady
Wycieczki z Hurghady
Wycieczki z Hurghady
Wycieczki z Hurghady
Wycieczki z Hurghady

Things to do in Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Known for its beautiful beaches, blue sea and rich underwater life, the city attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the world. If you are planning a holiday in Hurghada, here are some things to do there.

1- Diving and snorkeling
Hurghada is a paradise for lovers of the underwater world. You can go snorkeling to see the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish, or opt for snorkeling to admire marine life from the surface of the water. There are many diving centers in Hurghada offering training and trips to various diving spots.

2- Safari in the desert
Hurghada is located on the edge of the desert, which makes it an ideal place to organize a safari. Many companies offer trips on quad bikes or camel-drawn carts, during which you can admire the beautiful landscapes and learn about the Bedouin culture.
If you want to see something other than the beach, a trip to the desert is worth it. You can go on a quad or jeep ride to experience the thrill and see the amazing desert landscapes. In the evening, opt for a Bedouin-style dinner to learn about Bedouin culture and traditions.

3- Catamaran cruise
Another way to experience the beautiful nature of Hurghada is to take part in a catamaran cruise. During such a trip you will have the opportunity to admire the panorama of the city from the sea, see coral reefs and swim in crystal clear waters.

4- Shopping at the bazaars
If you like shopping, it is worth going to one of the local bazaars. Hurghada offers many places where you can buy souvenirs, jewelry, spices and many other Egyptian products. It is worth remembering about haggling as it is part of Egyptian culture.

5- Glass Boat from Hurghada
If you don’t feel up to diving or snorkeling, but you want to see the beauty of coral reefs, it’s worth going on a submarine cruise.¬†During such a trip you will be able to admire coral reefs and colorful fish from a safe distance.

6- Kitesurfing
Hurghada is also a mecca for kitesurfing enthusiasts. The city has excellent conditions for practicing this sport, and many kitesurfing centers offer equipment and training for beginners.

7- Red Sea boat trip
A boat trip is a great way to spend your time in Hurghada. You can go on a one-day or multi-day trip and enjoy the beautiful views from the deck of the boat. On board you can relax, enjoying good food and live music.

8- Hurghada Water Park
has many water parks that offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family. You can take advantage of numerous slides, swimming pools and other water attractions. Some of the most popular water parks are Makadi Water World and Aqua Park.

9- Beaches
Hurghada has many beautiful beaches that provide a great place to relax and swim. Some of the best beaches are Old Vic Beach, Mahmya Beach and Orange Bay. On the beaches you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas and enjoy various activities such as water sports and massage.

10- Boat trips
Boat trips are the perfect way to explore the Hurghada area. During the cruise you can see beautiful beaches, lagoons, coral reefs and islands. It is also worth going on a submarine cruise, which will allow you to see the underwater world without diving.

11- Hurghada Dive Center is one of the best places in the world to learn to dive.
There are many diving centers in Hurghada offering courses for beginners and advanced divers. Diving centers also offer equipment rental and organization of diving trips.

12- Evening nightlife
Hurghada is a city that never sleeps. In the evenings, the city comes alive with many restaurants, cafes and bars offering entertainment for tourists. Enjoy a traditional Egyptian evening with belly dancing, crocodile and snake shows.

13- Visit to Sahel Hashish
Sahel Hashish is a beautiful town located about 30 km south of Hurghada. The place is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. In Sahel Hashish, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

14- Excursions to Luxor and Cairo
Luxor and Cairo are the two most important tourist attractions in Egypt. Tours to these cities are available from Hurghada and are well worth a visit to see the famous sights such as the pyramids and temples.

15- Waterfalls
Waterfalls are a popular attraction in Hurghada. Many hotels and resorts have waterfalls that you can admire and enjoy while relaxing.

16- Visiting the Old Town
of Hurghada has a lot to offer not only for lovers of sunbathing and water attractions, but also for those interested in history. The Old Town of Hurghada is a charming place, full of colorful houses and narrow streets. Here you can see local shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as historic mosques and churches.

17- Shopping
Hurghada offers many places where you can do your shopping. Visit local markets such as the Dahar Bazaar to see beautiful Egyptian handicrafts and buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

18- Walking on the promenade
Hurghada’s promenade is the perfect place for an evening stroll.¬†You can enjoy beautiful sea views and taste Egyptian cuisine in one of the many restaurants and cafes.

19- Diving with sharks
Hurghada also offers an unforgettable adventure in the form of diving with sharks. This is a great experience for the brave who want to see these dangerous creatures up close.

20- Quad and jeep safari
Quad and jeep safari will be the perfect choice for those who like active leisure. During such a trip, you can travel through desert landscapes, learn about local culture and eat traditional Egyptian dishes. Dance and music shows are also often organized during the safari.

21- Hurghada Grand Aquarium Diving Center
Hurghada Grand Aquarium is a diving center where you can admire the wealth of exotic fish and sea creatures.¬†The park has several aquariums, including the world’s largest shark aquarium.¬†There is also a diving center in Hurghada Grand Aquarium, offering courses and diving trips.

22- Shopping at the bazaar
In Hurghada, it is worth visiting the local bazaar, where you can buy souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and traditional Egyptian food products. When shopping, be sure to bargain as prices are often inflated.

23- A visit to the center of Hurghada
In the center of Hurghada there are many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. It is also worth seeing the mosque, which is one of the largest in the city. At night, the center of Hurghada is bustling with life, with many bars and nightclubs offering entertainment until dawn.

Hurghada is a place that offers many attractions for tourists. Regardless of whether you want to relax on the beach, admire the beautiful coral reefs or see exotic animals, Hurghada will definitely meet your expectations.

Red Sea tours will make your vacation full of impressions. 

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The best about Hurghada Tours

The best things about Hurghada tours are the amazing tourist attractions available in this area. Hurghada is a popular Egyptian city located on the Red Sea, famous for its beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs and rich underwater world.

Excursions from Hurghada offer the opportunity to visit many places of interest, including ancient pyramids and temples such as Luxor, Karnak and the Pyramids of Giza. You can also take a trip to the Old City of Cairo to see Egyptian museums and monuments and feel the atmosphere of this fascinating city.

In Hurghada, you can also take a cruise on the Red Sea to admire the beautiful coral reefs and rich underwater world, or immerse yourself in Egyptian history with a visit to the Philae Temple on Elefant Island or Abu Simbel.

In addition, many tours offer the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Bedouins, the traditional inhabitants of the desert, by visiting their villages, having a Bedouin-style dinner, riding a camel or quad, and seeing extraordinary natural phenomena such as Wadi Hammamat or Wadi El Gemal.

Excursions from Hurghada are therefore the perfect opportunity to combine relaxation on beautiful beaches with fascinating excursions and getting to know the rich culture of Egypt.

Wycieczki z Hurghady

The best seafood in Hurghada

When deciding on Trips from Hurghada, it is also worth thinking about the best local seafood.

The best seafood in Hurghada

Hurghada, located on the Red Sea, is one of the most popular places in Egypt, both for tourists and for locals. This region is famous for its beautiful beaches and emerald turquoise water, but also for its excellent cuisine, especially the one based on seafood.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Hurghada where you can try the best seafood specialties.

‚Äď El Halaka
El Halaka is one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada, known primarily for its delicious fish and seafood. The menu includes Egyptian and international dishes, and everything is freshly prepared with local ingredients. Shrimps in garlic sauce and a dish of trout in papyrus are especially noteworthy.

‚Äď Starfish Restaurant
Starfish Restaurant is located on a private beach in the hotel complex. The menu includes both Egyptian and international dishes, but seafood is the most important here. Here you can try e.g. battered prawns or crispy calamari. The restaurant also offers great views of the Red Sea.

‚Äď Felfela
Felfela is one of the oldest restaurants in Hurghada, which has been operating for over 20 years. The restaurant serves authentic Egyptian cuisine, including delicious seafood. The menu includes e.g. Shrimps in tomato sauce and calamari in garlic sauce.

‚Äď Ali Baba
Ali Baba is a restaurant with a long tradition, famous for its delicious Egyptian cuisine. The restaurant is particularly famous for its shrimps in garlic sauce and calamari in tomato sauce. Ali Baba also offers delicious meat dishes and great desserts.

‚Äď Farsha Cafe
Farsha Cafe is a stylish restaurant with a beautiful view of the Red Sea. The restaurant serves both Egyptian and international cuisine. The menu features delicious seafood, including prawns and calamari. Farsha Cafe also offers a wide selection of drinks and cocktails.

‚Äď To sum up, Hurghada is a paradise for lovers of oysters, shrimps, calamari and other delicacies from the sea.¬†It is worth trying the dishes in one of the above restaurants to fully feel.

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