Shark Diving Day Tour From Hurghada 200$

Wycieczki fakultatywne z Hurghady i Marsa Alam
Nurkowanie z Rekinami
Nurkowanie z Rekinami

Shark Diving Day Tour From Hurghada

Shark Diving Day Tour From Hurghada – We invite you to one of our best trips where we dive with sharks in the waters of the Red Sea twice, the most beautiful and powerful trip in Hurghada, completely safe, the best trip to raise your adrenaline level!!!
Elphinstone is deservedly one of the Red Sea’s most popular dive sites. The length of the reef is about 450 meters (not counting the plateaus to the north and south), its location is 11 kilometers east of the mainland and 26 kilometers north of Marsa Alam.

Due to the fact that strong currents that make diving impossible, large fish regularly gather here, there is an opportunity to watch sharks and enter along the beautifully overgrown reef walls attracting divers from around the world here.

The proximity of the land makes it difficult to reach the dive site, so every day you can find an effect or more boats competing for the best moorings south of the reef.

It’s not often that you’ll be alone in this place.
We also have a 7 day shark diving boat trip if you want to prolong your curiosity!!!

The price of the tour is $200 per person. Drinks included in the tour price. We leave Hurghada daily at 6 am to reach the starting point in Marsa Alam, then we take the Zodiac from the nearest place and head to Elphinstone.
You will enjoy two dives “45 – 60 minutes each dive” at a depth of 40-60 meters.
Then we will go to the city of Al-Quasar to have lunch in restaurants and eat the most delicious and luxurious types of fish!!.
We then return for the end of the adventure and wonderful trip to Hurghada around 6:00 PM

Red Sea tours will make your day full of excitement. (Red Sea World Travel 😊

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Nurkowanie z Rekinami dzień Wycieczka
Wycieczki fakultatywne z Hurghady i Marsa Alam
Nurkowanie z Rekinami dzień Wycieczka
Nurkowanie z Rekinami dzień Wycieczka

Questions and Answers about Shark Diving Tour

Is Hurghada a good place for diving?

Yes, of course! In Hurghada we have over 40 interesting dive sites, clear water and a lot of marine life. We offer diving packages tailored to the needs of each guest. The water in the Red Sea in Hurghada is always warm.

How much does diving in Hurghada cost?

Prices depend on which package you choose, how many days you want to spend on our boat. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our price list. But for the package "a full week boat trip that includes food and drinks, snorkeling, swimming with sharks...etc." The cost is 1050 €

Where can you dive in Hurghada?

The direction of the trip is determined by the group's desire, and there are two directions: 1- First direction: "South Trip for Professionals" which issued (Abu Ramada, Safaga, Abu Al-Kizan Brothers, sunken ferry Salem Express, + overnight procedures) 2 - Second Direction: "North Trip for Professionals" which includes (Shadwan, Abu Nahas, "SS Thistlegorm" wreck site, Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, Little Giftun + open water night dive as much as you like).

Are there sharks in Hurghada?

Yes of course! While diving in Hurghada, you can sometimes meet several species of sharks - reef sharks, whales, hammerheads and tiger sharks. They do not pose any threat to the diver.

Do you organize transport from the hotel to the port?

Yes, the price of diving includes transfer from and to the hotel in Hurghada. From Makadi, Sal Hashish and El Gouna there is a surcharge of $25 per bus.

What should I bring on my diving trip?

What should I bring on my diving trip? Take a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and good mood with you 😊 If you are a certified diver, also take your license. If you want to participate in a diving course, bring an ID photo.

What does the price of individual programs include?

We provide all our guests with water and hot drinks, lunch and transfer from and to the hotel within Hurghada. From Makadi, Sal Hashish and El Gouna there is a surcharge of $25 per bus. Snorkeling - we also offer the necessary equipment - mask, tube and fins. We also have life jackets for swimming.

When can I pay for diving?

We accept payment in cash upon arrival on the boat. It is also possible to pay by card, it is associated with a bank commission of 2.5%

Can I take a day off while completing a multi-day diving package?

Yes, you can always take any break you want.

Are the tours daily?

Yes every day.

What's the weather like in Hurghada?

Yes, the Red Sea World Travel office is open all year round. The weather is usually good, which allows us to dive comfortably 365 days a year.

What is the schedule for the day?

7:00-8:45 am pick-up from the hotel (depending on the distance, the exact meeting time is provided when booking)

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Diving with sharks in the most beautiful and powerful Hurghada tour, completely safe the best tour...

Red Sea World Travel - Shark Diving Day Tour From Hurghada